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All our massages are created or selected with a clear preventive and curative vocation, besides the pleasant time, the most important goal is to enhance the body’s ability to improve its immune system.

Relaxing Massage • 25-55 min • 60/100 $US

Through relaxation a state of consciousness can be achieved, which allows the perception of the highest levels of calm, peace, happiness and joy that a human being can attain.Through gentle relaxation massage on specific points, the stabilization of cardiac and respiratory functions is obtained, deeper relaxation, greater resistance to disease, the level of energy and vitality are increased, improved blood circulation and predominantly positive thoughts , among other things.

Premium Detox Massage • 80 min • 160 $US

Bioenergetic treatment focused on three objectives: detoxify, stimulate and regenerate. The bioenergetic localized drainage is done through glass bells, with a work of release on the combined energy meridians and bi-aromas biaromas (blends of essential oils), redirecting the body to its energy balance with consequent tissue toning. It is a treatment that brings renewal, activation, stimulation and regeneration of body cells.

Craniocervical Massage • 30 min • 60 $US

Manual treatment aimed at freeing tension accumulated through head, neck and upper part of the back, as well as the energy blockages and promote relaxation, producing simultaneous reactions in the rest of the body which allow us to balance our nervous system.

Deep Tissue Massage • 25-55 min • 70/120 $US

Focused on working deep into the muscles, tendons and ligaments, improving chronic pain, muscular tension and contractions. Focused on people with a high stress in their lives.

Reflexology • 25 min • 60 $US

Based on an ancient technique, reflexology treats parts of the body through specific points on the feet. It relieves chronic pain and considerably improves the general state of wellbeing of the body.

Circulatory Massage • 25 min-55 min • 60/100 $US

Massage performed on the legs, with movements towards the heart, which provides fluidity to the blood circuit and alleviates tired leg syndrome.

Decontracting Massage • 25-55 min • 70/120 $US

Focused on the painful area or muscle contractions, with the aim of relaxing, eliminating contractions, removing muscular knots, reducing arterial pressure and oxygenating muscles. This massage is particularly designed for the back, which, due to bad posture or emotional or psychological tension, tends to suffer to excess.

Detox Massage • 25- 55 min • 70/120 $US

Let our glass cups purify your organism using the alternating compression and depression technique, stimulating cellular detoxification and oxygenation. The acceleration of organic liquids will stimulate your metabolism increasing elimination and purification processes.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage • 25– 55 min • 70 /120 $US

This massage acts on the lymphatic system, with very positive effects on the body as it activates circulation and helps to eliminate toxins and reduce fluid retention. The good functioning of the lymphatic system is crucial for an efficient immune system.

Polarity therapy • 55 min • 120 $US

Polarity therapy is a holistic healing system that works with this “life energy” in all its forms, using a comprehensive system of bodywork, exercise, nutritional guidance and verbal counseling. The goal of polarity therapy is to realign and unite body, mind, spirit and emotions into harmony and vibrant health.


Signature Yin Yang Massage • 55 min • 120 $US

The massage begins with a warm wildflower herbal foot bath. Invigorating essences and warm lavender-infused towels are applied on the body for added comfort in this signature and popular treatment.

This Oriental finger pressure massage uses pulse to release blocked energy from the body. Shiatsu quickly alleviates anxiety, headaches, and pulled muscles.

Hot Volcanic Stone Massage • 55 min • 120 $US

This specialty massage uses smooth, heated stones to instill a deep level of calmness that helps tight muscles release tension and stress.

Balancing Treatment • 110 min • 240 $US

Enjoy a totally relaxing holistic therapy that will help you regain the perfect balance between body and mind. A combination of techniques drenched with the most enriching smells. The treatment begins with a foot ritual, followed by an aromatherapy massage and ends with a facial treatment with a high content of minerals.

Amazon Dreams • 110 min • 200 $US

Holistic treatment that reaches a perfect harmony between body and mind. This consists of a bath in essential oils, a Macadamia nut peel and a volcanic earth body masque. The final touch is a relaxing massage with wooden rollers.

Facial Cleansing • 60 min • 130 $US

The objective of this treatment profoundly cleanse the dead cells, pimples and all sorts of impurities from the face. This consists of a cleansing and exfoliation procedure, followed by a massage and a face masque. An entire process which will allow our skin to breathe, keeping it healthy and radiant.

Skin Solution • 60 min • 150 $US

A solution for everyone and every skin condition. This gentle skin treatment will cleanse, hydrate, and maintain youthful skin.

Skin Performance • 60 min • 150 $US

This innovative and power-packed treatment will protect your cell’s DNA with Alpine stem cells and OsmoTec, a molecular catalyst that delivers active ingredients to the heart of the skin cell for ultimate age prevention results.

Skin Performance Extra • 90 min • 180 $US

Synergistically formulated with advanced age prevention ingredients, enhanced pure fluids designed for your skin’s needs, and infused with specific massage and manual techniques that will stimulate skin regeneration and prevent the signs of aging. The skin is refreshed, radiant and younger-looking.

Fluid Performance • 14 $US

Give your skin a boost with BABOR’s personalized fluids that saturate the skin with moisture and nutrients leaving it feeling soft and smooth in just minutes.

Skin Activ • 14 $US

Radiant complexion, refined pores and perfectly balanced skin are the results of this targeted treatment. It will remove excess oil without drying the skin and will result in an even, calm and clear complexion.

Aesthetic Non-Invasive Treatment

At YIN YANG guests experience a change thanks to the different therapies applied, making them feel younger, more vital and agile. These are all positively enhanced aspects and create a state of mind of health and youth.

Respect for natural and harmonious visages is as expertise. For this we use the best corporal and facial non-invasive treatments. After a consultation with the Specialist in aesthetics medicine, an aesthetic-facial and corporal diagnose is done, adjusting treatments to the needs of each individual patient All treatments embrace YIN YANG’s philosophy: non-invasive and with excellent results, allowing the patient an immediate return to daily routine.Preventing and delaying aging signs and achieving a healthy, young and natural aspect is possible at YIN YANG thanks to therapies such as:

  • Cellular stimulation
  • Cellular regeneration
  • Mesobaric with anti-oxidants and vitamins

Cavitation • 50 min • 150 US

YIN YANG Health & Wellness Offers the Ultimate in Aesthetics: Liposuction Without Surgery

YIN YANG Health & Wellness SPA has incorporated Cavitation into its treatment menu, offering the latest technology in non-invasive aesthetic medicine and the best alternative for those who want to eliminate localized fat without surgery. This is a fast, safe and effective way for fat removal that does not require surgery or anesthesia and uses no injections or needles.

Cavitation is a new technology that applies ultrasonic waves with up to 50W of power on areas from the waist down where patients want to remove fat such as the abdomen, legs, thighs and love handles. The High Energy Focused Ultrasounds (HIFU) produce a thermo-mechanical effect to destroy the fatty tissue of the chosen area. They are used to destroy the subcutaneous fat tissue, reaching a specific depth without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues. In addition, they have a warming effect on the skin that gives it a firm, smooth and healthy appearance.

Cavitation treatment requires only one session and recovery is almost immediate. However, strenuous exercise should be avoided for the first five days following the treatment, and maximum results will be seen approximately 8 to 12 weeks after the treatment is completed. When the destroyed fat is completely gone from the body, a loss of approximately 2.5cm will be evident, though this will of course vary with each person.

Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatments • 60min • 150 $US

Crystal Microdermabrasion Diamond facial is a treatment of last generation, following the protocol set by the noninvasive method YIN YANG , looking to get a flash effect immediately on your skin by combining aesthetic treatments customized with cosmetic treatment, achieving rejuvenation, rehydration and firms your skin naturally, without any side effects or pain.

Radiofrequency • 20 min • 70 $US

Radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment is a new and promising technology for non-surgical rejuvenation facial treatment, body contouring, fat and cellulite reduction.

  • Enhances luminosity of the skin
  • Face & neck lifting & remodeling
  • A noticeable improvement in skin tone
  • Reduces wrinkles and lift sagging skin
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Increase collagen level
  • A reduction in the appearance of double chins
  • Improves dark circles

Physiotherapy Radiofrequency is a procedure used to reduce pain. An electrical current produced by a radio wave is used to heat up a small area of nerve tissue, thereby decreasing pain signals from that specific area.

Ultrasound • 20 min • 70 $US

Ultrasound machine has a wide range of therapeutic applications including reduction of acute and chronic pain as well as an anti-inflammatory effect, and may even be used immediately post-injury and post-op.

Ultrasound appears to have considerable promise for skin tightening, body contouring and cellulite removal .

Infrared Light Therapy • 20 min • 70 $US

  1. Far Infrared therapy increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues (aiding reduction of chronic joint and muscle pain or sport injuries), promotes relaxation and comfort, induces sleep and relieves stress.
  2. German medical researchers concluded one session of Far Infrared Therapy for over 1 hour can have significant reduction of blood pressure thanks to a persistent peripheral vessels dilation.
  3. Far Infrared is thought to be 7 times more effective at detoxifying heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, and even cholesterol’s, nicotine, alcohol, ammonia, sulfuric acid and other environmental toxins, as opposed to conventional heat or steam saunas.

The human body is a reservoir of all kinds of bio-toxins which cannot be expelled immediately and become stored in the body, thereby triggering illness.

One of the reasons Far Infrared has beneficial results in a variety of illnesses is the ability of Far Infrared waves to remove toxins, which are often at the core of many health problems.

Electrotherapy Treatment • 20 min • 70 $US

Electrotherapy treatment uses different frequencies, levels of intensity and polarity for a general analgesic effect, myo-relaxation (dissipation of muscle tension), swelling reduction, improvement in blood circulation and tissue nutrition.

Excellent for cellulite treatment and roll-of-fat removal in problematic areas (thighs, hips, bottom), skin-stretching and smoothing, slimming and improvement of tissue elasticity.



Advanced light therapy using the latest generation of IPL devices is a safe technology for effective cosmetic skin treatments and permanent hair removal. The combination of highly energetic light (IPL) with radio frequency current (RF) is setting new standards in the treatment of skin and hair.

  • Permanent hair removal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Treatment of facial erythrosis
  • Treatment of Spider veins / thread veins (vascular lesions)
  • Treatment of Rosacea
  • Elimination of pigment disorders
  • Acne treatment
Lip 50.00 250.00
Chin 50.00 250.00
Lip & Chin 80.00 400.00
Chin & Jawline 80.00 400.00
Side of Face/Cheeks 65.00 300.00
Full Face, Lip, Chin,
Sides & Neck
120.00 600.00
Neck – Front 100.00 500.00
Middle Brow 60.00 300.00
Back of Neck 150.00 750.00
Shoulders 200.00 1000.00
Back 300.00 1500.00
Chest 300.00 1500.00
Underarms 80.00 400.00
Bikini Line
(Standard-Brief Line)
90.00 450.00
Bikini Line Extended 150.00 750.00
Brazilian Bikini
(Landing Strip)
200.00 1000.00
(Belly Button Line)
80.00 400.00
Abdomen (Extended) 120.00 600.00
Lower Legs 200.00 1000.00
Thighs 230.00 1150.00
Hands/Feet 80.00 400.00
Nipple 80.00 400.00
Full Legs
(Incl. Bikini Line)
350.00 1750.00

Preso Therapy • 20 min • 70 $US

The best mechanical Lymphatic Drainage. Eliminate excess liquids and fats from your body while you relax. Combine any of our body treatments with this and see excellent results.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy • 60 min • 150 $US

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBO) involves providing the body with extra oxygen. ‘Hyper’ means increased and ‘baric’ relates to pressure. Oxygen is one of the gases in the air, and it’s essential for life. Normally, oxygen makes up just over one fifth (21%) of air.

In HBO treatment, people breathe in pure (100%) oxygen. This is done by sitting in a chamber known as a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and using a mask or hood.

  • assists healing by raising tissue oxygen levels to normal in areas where they are reduced through illness or injury
  • encourages new blood vessels to grow and carry additional blood
    increases the ability of the body’s defense mechanisms to fight infection and kill bacteria
  • helps reduce any swelling that may occur around the area
  • decompression illness (‘the bends’)
  • severe carbon monoxide poisoning
  • smoke inhalation
  • chronic wounds and some infections
  • wound healing after reconstructive surgery
  • radiation necrosis (body tissue dying off after radiotherapy treatment)
  • acute blood loss where a blood transfusion is not possible (for example, for Jehovah’s Witnesses)
  •  sports injuries
  • diabetic foot ulcers

Research has shown that HBO may be helpful when used alongside cancer treatments. HBO treatment may:

  • Reduce cancer growth.
  • Improve the delivery of chemotherapy drugs to a tumor.
  • Result in an increase in the body’s own stem cells. These are blood cells at the earliest stage of development in the bone marrow. Because HBO treatment can increase stem cells it may have a role in stem cell transplantation – a treatment sometimes used in hematological (blood) cancers.

Shaping for Body • 55 min • 130 $US

Creates the alluring, refined silhouette of firm skin. Effective. Firming. Improved contours.

Provides a reducing stimulant and revitalizing action to the skin, since it favors the elimination of toxins and activation of cell metabolism by a heat effect that purifies and molds the body.

Energizing Lime Mandarin • 55 min • 130 $US

Stimulates all five senses as it revitalizes the skin. Energizing. Revitalizing. Refreshing.


Relaxing Lavender Mint • 55 min • 130 $US

Soothes the skin as well as the senses for a calming feeling of total inner peace. Relaxing. Gentle. Calming.

Balancing Cashmere Wood • 55 min • 130 $US

Creates inner strength while enhancing the skin’s natural defenses. Protective. Strengthening. Balancing.

Detoxifying Wrap • 55 min • 130 $US

Using body wraps for detoxification can help eliminate some of those harmful toxins from your body and provide essential vitamins and minerals to your body’s largest and most visible organ — your skin.

Body Anti-Stress Exfoliation • 30 min • 60 $US

Body exfoliation session, opening every pore, eliminating and removing impurities from the skin with all the benefits of aloe vera. Followed by a gratifying massage with a hydrating serum that eliminates accumulated stress. This skin exfoliation will make you look more radiant, smooth and attractive.

Body Revitalizing Exfoliation • 30 min • 70 $US

The result of this body scrub is a smooth and even skin. The exfoliating cream with revitalizing oils brings a calming effect on the anti-aging and skin strengthening natural defenses of the skin. It is the innovative solution to keep the skin young and beautiful.


Hand Renew • 60 $US

Rich natural ingredients infused with the energy of the Mediterranean sun are key components to this truly effective treatment. More than a manicure, this is a skin care therapy for the hands. Your hands will feel invigorated, renewed and deeply conditioned.

Foot Restore • 90 $US

This treatment uses olives, basil and tomato to supply moisture, calm down the skin, regenerate the lipid barrier function and revive tired feet with energy from the Mediterranean sun. A clean and peel cream will rid the skin of dry and dead skin deposits and a foot- soothing balm will moisturize the skin. All this is finished with a cooling spray to take away fatigue.

Mini Manicure • 30 $US

Sport Pedicure • 40 $US

Additional Nail Care Services

Polish Change 10.00
French Polish Change 10.00
Paraffin Treatment for Hands 20.00
Paraffin Treatment for Feet 20.00

Waxing Services

Lip 15.00 Eyebrows 15.00
Chin 15.00 Underarm 20.00
Half Arm 25.00 Full Arm 40.00
Back & Shoulders 50.00    
Half Leg 40.00 Full Leg 55.00
Bikini 40.00  Bikini & Beyond 60.00


In the hydrotherapy area enjoy the therapeutic Bath, physiotherapy relaxation and hydro-massage beds, Jacuzzi, Sauna,shower and several areas to relax, all surrounded by a beautiful zen-garden.

It is scientifically recognized that hydrotherapy is relaxing, invigorating and soothing, helping the body to maintain balance and relieve stress. Adding even more special essences potentiates these effects.

Detoxifying Bath 20 min 55.00
Relaxing Bath 20 min 55.00
Energizing Bath 20 min 55.00
Balancing Bath 20 min 55.00
Hydroenergetic Cure Detox 50 min 160.00

Powerful detoxifying, healing and hydroenergetic treatment consisting of three steps:

  1. Hydro aromatherapy: technical tub with essential oils that penetrate the body through the heat of the water with soothing and purifying effects.
  2. Fitomudtherapy: pleasant seaweed wrap with draining, detoxifying and revitalizing effect.
  3. Hydropeeling: restores energy, vitality and tonifìes the body.


Personal Training

60 minutes • $80
90 minutes • $120

A professional personal trainer is available to assist with a supervised, one- on-one cardiovascular and/ or weight training program. Instruction is by appointment only with a six-hour cancellation notice required.

Personal Pilates/Yoga/Meditation • 60 minutes • $80

Activate mind, body and spirit with the body’s internal energy systems to bring balance to the skeletal, muscular, endocrine and circulatory systems for improved health and well-being. Leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Group Exercise Classes • 60 minutes • $15

Dynamic, highly-skilled professionals offer a variety of exercise classes each week, including mind and body strength. All classes are open to all levels of fitness. Weather permitting, classes may be held outdoors.

  • Hours of Operation: 8:00 am – 8:00 p.m.
  • Dial extension 30803 from all hotels, except Cofresi Palm 39-30803
  • Prices in USD include taxes and are subject to change without previous notice. Gratuities not included.

Please book services directly with the Spa – 809-970-7770